It is characterised by inflammation and swelling of the lining of the sinus cavities. Sinusitis may be caused by viral or bacterial infection, allergy or a reaction to dust or environmental pollutants, that can be accompanied with, digestive  or other imbalances.

The openings of the sinus are narrow and, with swelling of the lining, block easily, leading to a build up of infection causing the above symptoms. The blocked sinus are slow to drain, meaning that they may not have cleared completely before the next infection and flare up again, a process which leads to chronic sinusitis. Antibiotics may clear most of, but not all of  the infection, and  may weaken the immune system, meaning that it is easier to develop further sinus problems.

In Chinese medicine there are a number of causes of sinusitis, with the most common being infections, while imbalance of the digestive system, the lungs, or the liver and kidneys can also contribute to the condition. Thus it is very important to take a detailed consultation in order to not only clear local inflammation, but also to treat any background imbalances that may play a part in the problem.

Sinusitis responds well to Acupuncture Treatment as it is excellent at clearing inflammation,  providing pain relief, reducing congestion and bringing balance back to our bodies. The number of treatments required usually depends upon how chronic the problem is. Acute sinusitis can usually be relieved by a few treatments, while it may take more for chronic Sinusitis.

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